Love found Me!

A day in 2017

is the very first day we talked one on one. Nothing huge, nothing bad, nothing good, just a simple text conversation. I thought nothing of it, I have not been interested in him so to me it was just a quick chat.

You must be wondering the same question that just popped to my mind – Has he been interested in me all along? That, I do not know yet.

The following day, I received another text from him – now mind you by now, I’m still not interested. To tell the truth, between the first day he texted me and this day I’m writing about, I have received other message from three interested men – at this point I’m interested in none of them.

Again for the past 8/9 years, I haven’t cared much for men. Let me answer your question before I continue – No, I’m not ugly. I consider myself ok. I’d give me an 7 on a scale from 1 to 10, but these men make it seem like I’m a 20!? o.o

Let’s continue… he texts me so I replied, little did I know that this conversation was going to last the whole day, until it was time for him to go to bed.

He is from Angola and he lives there. I live in a whole different country altogether. I was not looking for a relationship, let alone a relationship with a guy in another country, in a different time zone, speaking a different language. Yes, Portuguese!

The day along with he conversation ended with him going to sleep at two in the morning, Luanda time and me just in awe of the conversation we had.

My feelings at this point: he’s an interesting guy, nothing else.

Stay tuned guys, the next episode is for tomorrow.

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Angolana In Love!

Sunday, April 2nd 2017

This is my first post about my long distance relationship. The aim is to try to write a post every day. This would provide a regular update schedule.

As of today, I’m in a long distance relationship. My very first one. I have to say that, it is a scary thing. It is a lovely thing. It created a uncertain path or should I say a certain path to uncertainty?

I have not been looking for a relationship for the past 8 or 9 years. It was a personal choice as I just wanted to focus on my life. I guess, you can say that I have gotten lost within that focus. I wanted a better working situation and no distractions.

I have successfully been able to reject men whom tried to distract me. It was not hard to do. I was just not interested. It didn’t matter rather they were serious or not, I just wasn’t interested.

I was not sad or angry about being single. I liked the freedom.  I did miss that, I did not have someone to share my daily affairs with but I managed, just like everything else, you get used to it.

I was living a peaceful life, but everything changed during a day in 2017 – Love found me!


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You stole my heart but I’ll let you keep it

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Needless to say that, the days following yesterday’s blog were very… so full of certain types of tensions. Good tensions if I might add.

The different time zones are definitely an issue on top of being away from each other. Long distance relationships are already hard as it is.

But now, I’m completely into this man. I’m eager to talk to him, to learn about his day, about things he wants to do and more.

Guys, three days ago, I was not caring one bit about men. Three days ago, I would wake up, brush my teeth, shower get dressed and start working.

Today? 🤔 I checked my phone even when there’s no notification sound. I actually set up a special tone for him. I still hope it is him, even when the phone does not sounds his specific notification 🔔. I’m ashamed of myself! 😂

We’ve been talking about many things every day. We made it official, we are now a couple.

When and how did my heart get stolen? I have no clue. He just stole and the bad part about it, is that,  I want him to keep it!

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