Angolana In Love!

Sunday, April 2nd 2017

This is my first post about my long distance relationship. The aim is to try to write a post every day. This would provide a regular update schedule.

As of today, I’m in a long distance relationship. My very first one. I have to say that, it is a scary thing. It is a lovely thing. It created a uncertain path or should I say a certain path to uncertainty?

I have not been looking for a relationship for the past 8 or 9 years. It was a personal choice as I just wanted to focus on my life. I guess, you can say that I have gotten lost within that focus. I wanted a better working situation and no distractions.

I have successfully been able to reject men whom tried to distract me. It was not hard to do. I was just not interested. It didn’t matter rather they were serious or not, I just wasn’t interested.

I was not sad or angry about being single. I liked the freedom.  I did miss that, I did not have someone to share my daily affairs with but I managed, just like everything else, you get used to it.

I was living a peaceful life, but everything changed during a day in 2017 – Love found me!



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